Being a responsible pet parent

A pet is for life, make sure you are up for the commitment!

Being a responsible pet parent second paragraph

In Europe the number of pets increases year on year and to be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of #PetPower, we need to ensure that our pets are healthy and well cared for.

Pets are part of the family!

Are you ready to be a pet parent?

Being a pet parent comes with responsibilities. Before making the decision to bring a pet into the home, it is important to research their behaviours and needs, as they vary between species. With thorough research, you can ensure that you select a pet who fits harmoniously into your lifestyle and routine. Pets also come with costs you’ll need to fulfill, from food to veterinary and preventive care. It is important to find a vet you trust that can help guide you through any specific need your pet might have.

Our areas of care

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Exercise & play
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Pillars of pet care

Each pet will have their own needs but in general, they’ll need an appropriate diet with access to clean freshwater, a safe environment with enough space and protection from weather with plenty of toys to keep them active. You’ll also need to provide regular veterinary care to keep their health on track! Some pets might also need companionship, cats and dogs can live alone but others prefer the company of their own kind, like rabbits and guinea pigs.

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Spread The #PetPower

The lack of knowledge on the overall health benefits of the human-animal bond is a barrier that we need to break. By spreading the #PetPower we can ensure that pets and people can continue to improve each others’ lives!