Help us ensure the beneficial role of pets in our society is acknowledged through policy, and that the wellbeing of our companion animals is safeguarded throughout their long and healthy happy lives!

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European households own a pet


Of doctors reported health benefits to owning a pet


Pet owners agreed their animals provided emotional support during the pandemic

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World Immunization Week runs from 24-30 April, and on 20 April each year there’s a […]

How assistance dogs are trained to do their jobs pawfectly

We know that assistance animals do amazing work helping people in need. But how exactly […]

Pet Power & Healthy aging

We all know that an animal companion comes with many benefits. Those benefits can be […]

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Assistance animals do amazing work helping people in need. 🦮🐕‍🦺
But how are they trained? We tell you all about in our blog post:

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, read our blog and find out how to do so responsibly.

In our #HumanAnimalBond booklet you can find great examples of how pets can improve our lives

There are many reasons why we should play with our pets. Not only is it a form of physical exercise for our pets but it also supports their mental health – and it’s lots of fun too! We put together tips on how to incorporate more play into your pet’s daily routine.

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The lack of knowledge on the overall health benefits of the human-animal bond is a barrier that we need to break. By spreading the #PetPower we can ensure that pets and people can continue to improve each others’ lives!