Help us ensure the beneficial role of pets in our society is acknowledged through policy, and that the wellbeing of our companion animals is safeguarded throughout their long and healthy happy lives!

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90 M

European households own a pet


Of doctors reported health benefits to owning a pet


Pet owners agreed their animals provided emotional support during the pandemic

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During our #PetPower Night, on 27 September, host MEP Sirpa Pietikainen announced the winners of […]

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Brussels, 28 September 2022: At a Pet Alliance Europe event at the Résidence Palace in […]

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Save the date for our next #PetPower event! We’re hosting a pet-friendly networking event on 27 September, come along with your dog and have a drink on us.

We have some tips to help you keep your pet safe during the hot summer days!

One of the best parts of the summer season is undoubtedly the holiday period that comes with it, so if you’re going on a trip with your furry best-friend, check out our blog post on how to travel safely with your pet

You know your pet has the #PetPower! It’s time to let everyone in the Bubble know it! Share a picture of your pet with us and join the cutest photo contest ever

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To end our day of sharing some of the doggy guests at #PetPower Night, we take a moment to appreciate that good things also come in small packages.

We were delighted to meet our contest entrant ...Kensington in the fur 💕along with some other tiny pups!

A few more dog pics from our #PetPower event:
We couldn't forget these mahoosive balls of fluff from Villa Samson @UZBrussel who were beribboned and ready to party 🥳

Last night at our #PetPower event this beautiful #PoliceDog was hanging out with some of the civilian dogs present, keeping them all in line.

So about those dog pics from #PetPower Night...

Faithful as always, our long-term buddies who come with several dogs are the lovely team from Activ'dog

Find out more about them here: ...

#ICYMI catch up on our #PetPower Night via our press release:

Photos of dog guests will follow, promise!

I’ve been to events at the Residence Palace before, but tonight I got to bring my dog!! 🐶🥂

Both of us made new friends, I drank champagne and he received a bunch of treats, ‘twas a ...successful night for everyone.

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