Help us ensure the beneficial role of pets in our society is acknowledged through policy, and that the wellbeing of our companion animals is safeguarded throughout their long and healthy happy lives!

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90 M

European households own a pet


Of doctors reported health benefits to owning a pet


Pet owners agreed their animals provided emotional support during the pandemic

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#PetPower Night: celebrating the Human Animal Bond

Save the date for our next #PetPower event! You know your pet has the #PetPower! […]

Meet the finalists of our Best Buddies photo contest!

Our judges had a really hard task: picking the cutest pets in the Brussels Bubble, […]

Brussels Bubblers are invited to celebrate with their pets at the first ‘live’ #PetPower event

Diary Date notice, 14 September 2022 Tuesday 27th September at the Residence Palace Join the […]

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Save the date for our next #PetPower event! We’re hosting a pet-friendly networking event on 27 September, come along with your dog and have a drink on us.

We have some tips to help you keep your pet safe during the hot summer days!

One of the best parts of the summer season is undoubtedly the holiday period that comes with it, so if you’re going on a trip with your furry best-friend, check out our blog post on how to travel safely with your pet

You know your pet has the #PetPower! It’s time to let everyone in the Bubble know it! Share a picture of your pet with us and join the cutest photo contest ever

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That concludes our #PetPower celebration! Did you and your pets enjoy the discussions?

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What a magnificent evening! We are delighted to see so many people and more than 22 pets celebrating #PetPower with us and echoing the importance of the animal-human bond!

Now... the time you've all been waiting for! 📢
From the Brussels Bubble 'Best Buddies' photo contest category 'Pets of people working in the EU institutions,' the winner is Mr. Georgino 🎉

His... owner @Giovanni___T receives the prize on his behalf.

We’re networking at @PetPowerEU’s fabulous #PetPower event. 🐕🐕‍🦺🐾
#ZNLife #ClientNews

Time flies when we are having fun! It is time for MEP @spietikainen to make the closing remarks for this #PetPower celebratory night and announce the winners of the contest!
Did you and your pets ...enjoy the discussions?


Before we announce the #PetPower 'Best Buddies' photo contest winners, a big THANK YOU 🙏 to our guest associations Fondation I See, DYADIS, FYDO and volunteers from Villa Samson!

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The lack of knowledge on the overall health benefits of the human-animal bond is a barrier that we need to break. By spreading the #PetPower we can ensure that pets and people can continue to improve each others’ lives!