Help us ensure the beneficial role of pets in our society is acknowledged through policy, and that the wellbeing of our companion animals is safeguarded throughout their long and healthy happy lives!

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90 M

European households own a pet


Of doctors reported health benefits to owning a pet


Pet owners agreed their animals provided emotional support during the pandemic

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Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun with family – and that includes […]

Why is playing with your pet important for their health?

There are many reasons why we should play with our pets.  Not only is it […]

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Is it really fun or safe for pet parents to put #Halloween costumes on their pets? 🤔
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Colder months can be challenging for your pet ❄️
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Our pets give us so much love! #PetPower

Today is International Volunteers Day and we would like to extend our thanks to those who work tirelessly in rehoming centres and for animal welfare charities to make the world a better place for our... pets. #InternationalVolunteersDay #PetPower #Thankyou

Una revisión de estudios del Reino Unido muestra que tener un #animaldecompañía puede facilitar la adquisición del lenguaje en niños y mejorar sus habilidades verbales, influyendo en el ...desarrollo cognitivo y educativo #petpower #humananimalbond

Are you thinking of adopting a dog? #AdoptDontShop
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It takes a lot of time and work to train #AssistanceDogs

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Our pets live their best lives and there's some things we could learn from them! 👇

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The lack of knowledge on the overall health benefits of the human-animal bond is a barrier that we need to break. By spreading the #PetPower we can ensure that pets and people can continue to improve each others’ lives!