Pillars of pet care: Health Care

Vet holding a cat

Sometimes pets need more attention than people do. They age much faster than us and tend to have changes in health conditions more quickly. To avoid illnesses and diseases, or simply unwanted, unpleasant and unhealthy conditions, try to organise a vet check-up at the very least once per year, to get a clearer picture of their health. Through regular check-ups your vet can identify any problems early on, and be able to treat them sooner and more effectively.

Moreover, with regular visits to your vet you can get advice on your pet’s fur or skin type and your vet can recommend the best products to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, heartworm, tapeworm and any other harmful diseases that can pose a significant threat to your pet and make them ill. 

Your vet can also prevent some pretty nasty diseases in your pet by vaccinating them in their early years and by developing the right vaccination plan for your furry friends. It is important that adult pets get booster vaccinations when advised by the vet to ensure they are protected against specific illnesses throughout their life.

Vaccines are not the only preventive solutions you can take to protect your pet from health-related problems. For example, it’s advisable to take proactive care of your pet’s dental health through teeth brushing and dental chews, or professional cleaning. This helps to avoid periodontal disease that could cause irreversible damage not only to your pet’s gums and teeth, but can lead to other serious health issues, like heart disease and kidney failure.

Another way of preventing animal diseases is by spaying or neutering them. This helps to avoid certain uterine infections and even uterine and ovarian cancer. It is always best to ask for your vet’s advice on this. Exercise is also important as it stimulates both the mind and physical activity. Exercise alongside attention to nutrition and the amount of food your pet gets can help ward away obesity and related diseases.

Dog being administered anti-flea treatment

Do not forget that the best care your pets can get is your love and attention. Keeping pets healthy both physically and mentally, will help to ensure they live a long and happy life with you!