Why #PetPower Matters

Mutual benefits for both animals and people

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Influenced by behaviours linked to health and well-being, #PetPower creates favourable emotional, psychological, and physical interactions between people and animals, positively shaping societies and communities. There is even some evidence that it can have positive economic impacts on healthcare systems.

Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pets provide companionship, affection and protection and unique bonds are formed with owners. In addition to being a source of love and friendship, there have been numerous scientific studies analyzing the many ways in which pets are good for our health, for everyone, from children to the elderly and those with special needs.

One of the more obvious health benefits of owning a pet is exercise – dog walking or playing with a cat are great ways to stay active. However, in addition to supporting good physical health, interaction with animals is proven to encourage physiological and psychological benefits: reducing stress, helping to prevent illness and allergies, lowering blood pressure, aiding recovery, and boosting chances of survival after a life-threatening illness.

The Science Behind #PetPower

Many peer-reviewed studies illustrate the myriad of beneficial effects of pet ownership to people, with positive impacts on areas such as physical wellbeing and mental health promotion, early child development, healthy aging, and social inclusion for marginalised and disadvantaged people.

Findings to date confirm the significant social and societal potential that the human-animal bond offers in directing national and regional priorities for healthcare policies, healthy aging policies, education policies, etc.

Discover the science behind #PetPower