Pillars of pet care: Exercise & play

Pets are full of energy and you might have noticed them getting a case of the funny “zoomies” – racing around the house for no reason. It’s because they need an outlet for all that energy! Bored animals can develop behavioural problems such as biting, scratching, digging, or making noise. Toys and puzzles can keep your pet from feeling bored while you’re not home. Play time is a fun way to bond with your pet while keeping them active and helping their minds stay sharp.

Pets are full of energy and you might have noticed them getting a case of the “zoomies” – racing around the house. Obesity is not only related to the food your pets eat, but also to the amount of physical activity they do – exactly like people! Several health issues related to obesity can be avoided by providing them with a healthy diet and keeping them active. No matter the age, breed, or size, every dog needs regular exercise. Taking your dog on walks is a great opportunity to strengthen your bond and it also benefits your health. If you think your pet might be overweight, ask your vet for advice as they’ll be able to confirm the optimum weight for your pet.

Do not forget that one of the best ways to care for your pet is to share your love and time. Not only do they want attention, but they need it to be healthy – both physically and mentally. Showing them love can boost their immune system. How? By petting them, and playing with them, or taking them for walks outside. This way, they’ll feel loved and taken care of.

Frequent exercise has many benefits for pets, including improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, and stronger muscles and bones. It also helps their joints stay lubricated, avoiding problems in the future. Exercising can also help to ease any pain your pet might already have in their joints.