#PetPower Night 2024: Empowering the human-animal bond

– on Monday 30th September 
– at Townhall Europe

We are hosting our annual pet-friendly networking event to celebrate #PetPower in the EU. The event is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the human-animal bond – what we call PetPower. In addition to celebrating the joy that pets bring to our lives, we will discuss why it’s important to ensure the wellbeing of all animals involved in this special relationship, both pets and assistance animals.

Currently, 50% of European households enjoy the companionship of a pet. Additionally, pet therapy is in demand. More and more animals are involved in assisting roles. Whilst this is something we promote and support, we also want to ensure that these animals are well cared for and all their needs are met.

In advance of the event, you can help raise money for an animal-related charity of your choice.  Please enter our ‘Best Buddies in the Brussels Bubble’ competition. The winners of our two categories will receive €500 each to donate to their chosen charity. More info on the contest here: